About Us

Our Mission & Commitment

Our thinking and beliefs lie in the fact that quality is a journey that needs to be sustained and improved on a day to day basis. Therefore, we will look for areas of improvement every day. Either it be in the taste and variety of our products or services quality as a whole.

With that in mind, we are committed to providing a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere to each of our customers during his/her visit. We would like our customers to know that we put their interest in our foremost priority when we prepare their food and drinks. Our customers’ comments are always welcomed and treasured since you are the reason for our existence and the key to our success.

Our logo is a swing that we actually provide in some of our seating areas. It dictates and represents the same comforting and relaxing style that we like to create. By the way, why not indulge yourself in a bit of fantasy while swinging and enjoying our food and our drink.

Teriyaki Corner Management Team


“Swing With Us”